Sunday Services

Sunday Services

As a Christian church, our services at St. Mary’s Church, Cholsey seek to help us to respond to God’s love in worship. The various styles of service at the church encourage worshipers to encounter God through praise and prayer, word and sacrament, silence and music. We feel privileged to gather in a beautiful ancient building, whose walls have echoed with God’s praise for over a thousand years. 

Why worship?

Through worship, we seek to meet with God our Creator, Jesus who is our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit who comes to pour God’s love into our hearts – helping us to grow more like Jesus. While each of us can do that on our own wherever we are, we believe that Christ calls us to be part of His community – and it is as a community of Christians that we can discover God’s love.

Main Sunday Service – 9.45am                                                                   

The main service every Sunday at Cholsey is at 9.45. (Please arrive at 9.30am) apart from first and occasional 5th Sundays - please see below

                                   the first Sunday in the month  Family Feast  at 10.30am.  Please click here for details

                                   The second,and fourth Sunday of the month, the main service is Holy Communion.
                                   At this service,children have separate Sunday school groups for various ages, and then join the congregation for the end 
of the service.

                                   The 3rd Sunday of the month, the main service is morning worship.

                                   When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, we have a joint service with our sister church of St John the Baptist, Moulsford.   
                                   Twice a year this will be in Moulsford, this will be a parish Communion at their usual time of 9.30am
                                   Twice a year this will be a parish communion in Cholsey at our usual time of 9.45am
                                   Please see calendar for details

Early Morning Communion

Early Morning Communion is held at 8.00am on the third Sunday of the month

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