Our purpose




Our overall purpose is that Jesus may be known....

  • more deeply in our hearts
  • in our character
  • in our relationships
  • in our community
  • in our world

 Our aims are: that we grow as a church

  • in numbers
  • in our knowledge and love of Christ
  • and in depth of our Christian discipleship
  • in our impact on the wider community

Our core values:-

  • That we are God centred - recognising the vital importance of prayer, worship and the Holy Spirit.
  • That we are Bible centred - grounded in the scriptures and committed to the gospels.
  • That we are people centred - welcoming and valueing all ages, all cultures, all personalities.
  • That we may recognise and help each individual to develop their unique calling
  • That we may be open and honest with each other
  • That we may value and develop true fellowship and community in our church
  • That we may reach out to our wider community and the wider world. 
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