Sermons from 2020

Shaken and stirred
Andrew's reflection in the light of the current  corona virus crisis, given at our Annual Church meeting service on 15th March 2020

Lessons from the early church
As we continue to cope with social distancing and not being able to meet together, either in our homes or in our lovely church building, it seems a good time to go back to looking at the early church, who had no buildings and were coping with a totally different landscape.
19th April      Encountering the risen Jesus  changes everything       
                      John 20:24 - 29                             

26th April     What shall we do?”       
                      Acts 2.14a,36-41       

17th May      Witnessing in a post-Christian world      
                      Acts 17.22-31         

24th May      On your marks, get set, go    
                     Acts 1.4-14       

31st May      Pentecost - filled with the Spirit     
Acts 2.1-21      

Learning to pray with the Lord's prayer
In this series we work through the Lord's prayer to help us understand what prayer is, how to pray and the many different dimensions of prayer.
14th June       1: Our Father in heaven - worship and adoration    
Matthew 6:9-13, Philippians 4:4-8

21st June       2: Praying for the Kingdom   
Isaiah 61:1-8   Luke 17:20-25

12th July       4: Petition - Praying for our daily needs
Matthew 7:7-11

Jesus calls us
This series is based on the lectionary gospel readings for August and looks at the different aspects of being called by Jesus to follow him
9th August     Jesus calls us to trust him
                        Matthew 14:22-33

16th August   Jesus calls us whoever we are
                        Matthew 15:21-28

23rd August   Jesus calls us to follow him whatever the cost
                        Matthew 16:21-28

1 Peter – Letter to a scattered church
As we continue to be unable to meet togethe and cope with the on-going challenges of Covid-19, Peter's first letter to a scattered and suffering church is particularly relevant to us at this time.
13th September    Called to be different
                               1 Peter 1

20th September    Called to grow up
                               1 Peter 2: 2 - 6

11th October         Called to love one another
                               1 Peter 3: 8 - 22

Advent 2020 - Getting Ready for the King:
8th November      Keep your lamp burning
Matthew 25: 1 - 13

15th November    Servants with a sacred trust    
                              Matthew 25: 14 - 30          

22nd November   Bless all whom you meet
                              Matthew 25: 31-46   

29th November    Be on guard, be alert
                              Mark 13:24 – 44          

13th December    The voice in the desert
                              John 1:19 - 28

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