Wallingford Food Bank

Food Banks

St Mary's, Cholsey is pleased to support  Wallingford Food Bank with contributions of food and our prayers.

Wallingford Food Bank  is part of a national network of food banks and has now been running for some time. It is not a substitute for the long term care offered by the Social Services.  The Food Bank does not ask how the situation of desperate need came about.  It is not judgemental.  It simply acknowledges the need and provides emergency relief.

Donations have been coming in from, not only the local churches,  but also schools and other organisations

December 2013 was a very busy month for the food bank  with a total of 98 people being provided for – 70 adults and 28 children. 
To learn more or get involved, contact Jean Burt on 836823 or email nevburt@btinternet.com




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