Sermons for 2017

Good and Faithful Servant Isaiah 50:4-9a: John 9:1-41 Preacher David Gibbons 26th March 2017

A light for the Nations Isaiah 49:1-7  Preacher: Andrew Petit 19th March 2017

Servant of the Lord Isaiah 42 1 -9 Preacher James Penny 12th March 2017



Resurrection Appearances of Jesus 17th May
Sermon on Jesus on the Beach 1 Pet 1.3-9; John 21.1-14

Resurrection Appearances of Jesus 21st May 2017
Sermon for 21st May 2017

Resurrection appearances of Jesus on 30th April 2017
Sermon on resurrection appearances in John

Sermon on Romans 11th June 2017
Sermon for the public domain

Sermon on Romans 9th July 2017
Sermon for the Public Domain

Sermon on the Heart of David 27th August 2017
Sermons on David

The heart of David - A heart of faith 19th August 2017
Sermon for the Public Domain